Sunday, July 15, 2018

Summer Las Vegas 2018

My husband and I spent a few days in Las Vegas last week, visiting my kids and enjoying limited time being "empty nesters". My son and his girlfriend took us to one of their favorite places to eat...Nacho Daddy Nacho Daddy has  regular and vegan menus, which is one of the main reason's Casey and Kelly like to go there. Casey pointed out that Nacho Daddy is the home of the Original Scorpion Shot and asked me if I wanted to try it. Ummm. No. But the Nachos and raspberry tea were divine!

We decided to check out the Orleans casino after hearing that they are more generous with pay outs. I wasn't sold, but I am a cheap skate. Throwing money away is hard for me. So, while Boyd was enjoying tapping on the coy fish on an Asian style slot machine screen, I took a pic of the crocodiles out front.

Of course, the highlight of my visit to Vegas was seeing the Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio. This summer's theme was 'That's Amore', inspired by the beauty that's found throughout Italy. Here are a few pics. I wish you could smell these flowers as well. The air is so fresh and cool and fragrant, a total contrast to the stench of the smoke filled casinos.

The picture above is an Italian rug made out of seeds, beans, chickpeas, corn, dried peppers and carrots, coconut, licorice sticks, acorns, pineapple rings, dried bananas and other natural flowers and plants.

Do you see that green hedge above? SPLIT PEAS. Billions and billions of them!

There were a lot of living lime and lemon trees. You can imagine the fragrances we were smelling. 

Last of all, I cannot post about this trip to Las Vegas without mentioning my favorite restaurant Famous Dave's. I LOVE this place. I put BBQ sauce on my BBQ sauce. :)

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