Friday, February 9, 2018

Name Brand Favorites 3

It has been a long time since I took blogging seriously. I suppose that is what happens when you divorce and your whole world turns upside-down and inside-out. Now that I am remarried and life seems to be slowly settling down, maybe I can concentrate on doing what I really enjoy and that is writing. For now, I just want to share a few more products that I LOVE. 

I discovered these last week and it is no exaggeration when they label these chips "Mexican restaurant style"! Hands down, these are THE BEST tortilla chips I have ever eaten out of a bag. You're welcome! ;)
My new husband introduced me to this. When we were dating, I thought he smelled SO DARN good. I didn't realize that it was just his body wash until we married and I saw it in the shower. Who knew IVORY could smell just as favorable (and better, in my opinion) as products such as Oil of Olay or Bath and Body Works?! If you want to smell fresh and clean for hours, IVORY ALOE is the body wash for you.
THIS! The label says it all. Buy it at Costco.

You may have to pay a little more for Litehouse brand, but you will not be sorry when buying their Garden Ranch Veggie Dip. Bonus for husband is not a dipper. I get to enjoy the whole container myself. 

While visiting my step sister 33 years ago, my second son had diaper rash so very bad. She told me about this miraculous powder, so I tried it and used it on all my kids from then on. In fact, I think I have included it in every baby shower gift I have ever given. Now I keep a bottle of Caldesene in my closet for my grandbabies.

(Click on these links for Name Brand Favorites and Name Brand Favorites 2.)

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Elf on the Shelf- Classroom Ideas

My co-worker, Colleen, and I have a lot of fun with Elf on the Shelf in our ESL classroom. Here are a few of the ways Jingle B. Jangle (B is for Bell) kept his eyes on the students this year...

Jingle started out with a bang by tying up the Grinch!

He tried bringing a snowman back from the North Pole. Oh, so sad.

Plant the Magic Seeds in the Magic Beans and watch what happens overnight!

Be ever so careful! You might get sprayed.

Did you know Hershey makes Kisses at Christmastime
that look like hats and say HO! HO! HO!?

I couldn't post these pics of our elf without bragging about Colleen's art skills...

We love ESL and Christmas! 
Learning CAN be fun. :)
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