Humorous Posts

Indecent Exposure

Misunderstood Conversation

Wal-Mart Humor from Pinterest

Facebook Stalking

Conversations Between Cody and His Dad

Negligees and Ragged Pajamas

My Idea of Theater Etiquette

Chase Trimmed His Beard and I Didn't Think He Looked Gay Enough, So I Made Him Wear a Cowboy Outfit

Talking Dog

Pathetic Little Liar

Codys Dinner Conversation Topic

Imitation Marijuana

Ah-la-la-la. I Can't Hear You

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Angiogram: A Childs Perspective

Trading Spouses

Embarrassing Things Kids Say

Is There a Gnome in the Dome?

25 Things a Kindergarten Teacher Says on a Daily Basis

You Get What You Get, So Don't Throw a Fit

Sunrise Faux-Pas

The Traumatized Tree

Laughing at Inappropriate Times

A Little Mating Humor

I Don't Want a Mail Order Bride for a Daughter-in-Law

Fathers Against Daughters Dating

Two Dogs Having Lunch

Babysitting and Pranks

Getting Older Can Suck It, but Sisters are Special

Chase Your Wildest Dreams? No Thank You.

Cody, His Overprotective Drama Queen Sister and the Duck Pond

Glee...Sesame Street Style

What Do Cody and Chris Farley Have in Common?

Sad, Yet True

Looking at Christmas Lights NASCAR Style

Autism and Chit Chat

"The Tub Stinks."

Headline Bloopers by Professionals

The Clinky Noise

Everything You Need to Know About Trading Halloween Candy

Feeling Just a Notch or Two Above Hillbilly and Hooker

Hakuna Matata

Advice for Married Men

Getting It Twisted

Asperger's and Fries
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