Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Momma Said There'll Be Days Like This/ Part 2

Every week day I send a lunch, as well as a snack, with Cody to his day program. Because mornings are rushed, I try to think ahead and get as much ready as possible the night before. I set out Cody's lunch box, place anything that is non-perishable (chips, etc) inside, clean and fill his water bottle, make sure his reusable Blue Ice block is in the freezer and then I get a small brown paper bag from the drawer to hold his snack.

With one seemingly small but nearly disastrous exception, the routine wasn't any different yesterday. While preparing dinner, I decided I'd grab a package of Chips Ahoy cookies from the pantry for Cody's morning snack. I carried the cookies to the kitchen counter, set them down, got a brown paper bag out of the drawer, found a Sharpie, wrote "Cody's Snack" on it, then put the brown bag inside his backpack.

Several hours later, I noticed there were some Chips Ahoy cookies sitting on the counter where I keep the pens and Sharpies. Puzzled, I went to Cody's backpack, looked inside the brown bag that I had labelled "Cody's Snack"and found my digital camera!

Apparently I'm "losing it", but had Cody found that camera in his snack bag today instead of something edible, HE would have "lost it" more than I.

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Marilyn said...

I know the feeling......It's called sensory overload.

Carolina HeartStrings said...

Yes there are days (esp mornings) like that! More coffee?

Ila Adkins said...

Aww- I know the feeling. I am constantly 'losing things' or finding things in random places because I THOUGHT I put it away, but really I set it down & got distracted by my lil guys. Some days, it feels like I'd lose my own head if it weren't attached. I don't know how some people do it. lol I think I'm just sleep deprived.

This whole month has cade off of his little "routine" because of holidays and 'the rush of the season' so he has been a wild man all nov/dec. a lot of it, he is just too young to understand.

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