Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Touch of Christmas Decor

I came across the most simple Christmas decoration on Pinterest made with a plastic frame, pretty paper and a few embellishments, but I made a mistake and forgot to pin it. Remembering the general idea, I browsed through some old Christmas cards until I found one I liked, glued the card onto some scrap paper and slipped it into a cheap frame that I picked up at Big Lots for a dollar. I then embellished the outside of the frame with a few 3D stickers I had tucked away in my holiday crafting supplies.

Here is the finished product. Not bad for a buck, right?

The picture kinda sucks and you can't really see the 3D effect. Sorry.

Speaking of Christmas decor, Katelyn and I went to Tai Pan Trading this past week and I spotted these...

I thought of a variety of cute ways I could arrange the blocks, so I went ahead and purchased them. However, when I got home and took off the protective plastic, this is what happened...

The darn blocks DO NOT come apart. So much for the cute little horizontal arrangements I had in my head!

Anyway, I ended up placing the fixed, vertical blocks in my window sill next to this little bird.

I suppose it's kinda cute? 

If any of you Pinterest fans are familiar with the resource of my frame inspiration, please let me know so I can give the person proper credit.

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