Monday, November 21, 2011

Autism and Chit-Chat

The following conversation took place between Cody and me this evening...

Cody- Do you remember that squeaky ride at the Lane County Fair?

Me- No. There were a lot of rides at the fair. I don't remember a squeaky one though.

Cody- I wish your memory was as good as mine.

Me- Me too, but sometimes I'm glad it isn't.

Cody- How come?

Me- Because there are things that I'd rather forget, like times you were in the hospital and stuff.

...long pause

Cody- I just as soon forget taking temperatures in my butt.

I suppose that shows his age. When did they stop using rectal thermometers? The late '80's?


Lizbeth said...

Haha!! See, I knew I liked you. ;)
And yes, I was totally thinking of you at the Puppet show and wondering how you do it!!!

Marilyn said...

You can always count on Cody for a laugh :-)

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