Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cody's Not So Fast Food

A couple of nights ago, Cody found his Walkie Talkies and asked his dad to play with him. Since Don was heading out the back door anyway, he agreed.

(Before reading any further, if you haven't already read my post  If Cody Won a Years Supply of Ice Cream , you'll want to do so now.)

This time, the conversation between Cody and his dad went like this...

Ring, ring...

Cody- "Hello?"

Don- "Oh hi! I'll have two tacos and some..uh...what do you call them?...cinnamon sticks?"

Cody- "10-4"

Don- "When will my order be ready?"

Cody- "10-4"

Don- "WHEN will my order be ready?"

Cody- "Soon."

Don- "What's soon? Two minutes? Five minutes? Ten minutes?"

Cody- "Tomorrow."


Lizbeth said...

This would never work for me, I have a serious problem with delayed gratification.

Carolina HeartStrings said...

Sadly, this is almost reality in some joints.... Haha, Cody...

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