Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How Don and I Spent Our Afternoon

(If you're expecting an R rated post, read no further.)

Don picked me up from work at noon and we headed to Deseret Industries. Those of you who are unfamiliar with this store, Deseret Industries is like Goodwill. Sometimes you can find good bargains there and I was on a hunt for materials to make a cupcake tier for my daughter-in-law's baby shower.

While we were waiting in line to purchase a gently used Elmo outfit and Old Navy jacket for my two year old grandson (the cupcake tier hunt proved to be unsuccessful), the cashier was helping a lady who had quite a few items and was struggling to put a scarf she just purchased in a plastic bag. (I later realized that watching her bag her own items should have been my first clue that the cashier was a jerk.) Suddenly Don and I heard the cashier yell, "Are you in line or what?! Duh de duh duh duh..." as he made faces and flapped his arms up and down like an out-of-control balancing scale.

Now, I consider myself a fairly patient person (dealing with Cody and all), but you can probably guess how well this flew with me. In a split second, after my initial shock, I looked the guy square in the eye and said, "What?! You have GOT to be kidding me!" He ignored my reaction and proceeded to ring up our items as I shook my head in unbelief. Wondering why Don wasn't reacting the same way I was, I left him there to deal with our purchase while I hunted down the manager to report the cashier's absolute unprofessional behavior.

Satisfied that I had at least reported him to his supervisor, Don and I left the building and climbed into our car. Still shaking our heads about what had happened we stopped at the red light and just as the light turned green, a lady driving behind us honked her damn horn. This is when Don and I started to laugh and we kept laughing even as we pulled up beside (not behind) Mrs. Impatient at the next red light. Don watched the traffic signal intently and just as it turned green, he honked our car horn. Maybe you had to be there, but it was funny. Mrs. Impatient made sure she stayed ahead of us all the way to her destination, which turned out to be Golden Corral, an all-you-can-eat buffet. IDK? I suppose the cranky woman was just in a hurry because she was hungry?

Realizing that we hadn't eaten lunch ourselves, Don and I decided to make our way to Jack-in-the Box and grab a bite to eat. (We didn't have time to follow our new friend into Golden Corral, sit in a table beside her and follow her around the buffet line telling her to hurry up. My husband's idea). Normally Don and I prefer to take fast food to go. However, because we could get free soda refills (at this point we were both in severe need of caffeine) AND I was wearing white pants and tend to be messy when eating tacos, we went inside. Midway through our meal, an elderly couple came into Jack-in-the-Box and proceeded to rearrange most of the tables in the dining room end to end. Within minutes more elderly couples began to arrive and take their seats at what was beginning to look like a Thanksgiving table. That's when Don leaned over and whispered to me, "Hurry up. Let's leave before I have to do CPR on someone. It appears to be geriatric day at Jack-in-the-Box." (Don has actually had to do CPR more than once, although not in fast food restaurants.)

We filled our cups to the brim with Diet Coke one final time and got back into our car, deciding to make one more stop at Wal-Mart before heading home. As we approached the freeway, we came to a green light at a fairly new intersection. There were only two trucks in front of us and they proceeded to sit through the entire light. (Had she been there, I'm fairly certain that Golden Corral lady would have had a mini-stroke.) I do realize that the first truck could have been having a mechanical issue, but it's doubtful. I think the driver was a small town man confused by the green arrows at an unfamiliar traffic light, or he was taking a power nap, or both.

Anyway, that was our afternoon. How was yours?

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