Sunday, January 6, 2013

On Any Given Weekend...

This is what goes on at our house...

Walker uses grandma's Coke tins as drums.

He eats M&M's and watches Netflix with his dad and aunt Katelyn.

The girls play with each other's hair. (By the way Talitha, this pic is going in my
"What my Family Usually Does When They See Me with a Camera" album on facebook.)

Asher sleeps in grandpa's arms.

Chase plays Bristle Blocks with his son...

...and downloads Billy Ocean, Aaron Neville and MC Hammer songs on iTunes for Cody.

Just before the kids came to the house, I started a wedding planning list for Katelyn. I should have known better than leave the document open. Chase got his hands on it (of course) and added a few things. I'm sure you can figure out which items he felt should be included.

Katelyn’s Wedding Planning List

      Food Reception
      Photographer/ List of Shots 
      List of Addresses
      Brides Maids- Dresses?
      Marriage License
      Disc Jockey or iPod music
      Matt’s Ring
      Peanut butter balls
      Ice sculpture turtles
      Bounce house
      Kiddy pool for bobbing apples
      Male stripper in gorilla suit.. scratch that.. add to bridal shower list


Kristi said...

Chase--the new Mr. Wedding Planner? Or has the bride always dreamed of nachos (and more) on her wedding day? :-)

DeeAnn Lancaster said...

Haha. I suppose Chase could be a wedding planner for rednecks. Maybe he and Jeff Foxworthy could do an act together. ;)

Carolina HeartStrings said...

How about bobbing for peanut butter balls? Sounds like a super fun wedding per this list!

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