Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cody's 10 Most Played Songs on His iPod

While looking at iTunes this morning, I decided to check out which songs Cody is listening to the most. Here they are...

1) Along Comes a Woman/ Chicago
2) Just a Shame/ Phil Collins
3) Joshua Giraffe/ Raffi
4) Shift Work/ Kenny Chesney
5) Mountain Music/ Alabama
6) Steamy Windows/ Tina Turner
7) License to Chill/ Billy Ocean
8) Jumper/ Third Eye Blind
9) Hold the Line/ Toto
10) Mr. Roboto/ Styx

Tina Turner's Steamy Windows? Really Cody?!

Click on this link to see how his list has changed in two years. Notice that Along Comes a Woman is still number one. You can also click here and here to see why Cody may very well be Chicago's biggest fan. :)


Marilyn said...

I like Cody's choices but I'm not familiar with Jumper by Third Eye Blind ??

Carolina HeartStrings said...

He can DJ my party anytime! Or fix me a driving CD...

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