Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kanab and Surrounding Area

I grew up in Kanab, a small town that sits near the Utah-Arizona boarder. Some of my fondest memories come from this tight-knit community. Back in those days, everybody knew everybody, teachers made a difference and the world (as we knew it) revolved around high school sports and tourism. 

Kanab sits in the heart of several parks...Grand Canyon, Zion, Lake Powell and Bryce to name a few. 

The following pictures are from Brent Johnson Photography. Brent was kind enough to allow me to share some of his work on my blog. Enjoy!

Three Lakes

The Wave

Left- The old Kanab High School
Right- The old library and city office building

Parry Lodge and K Hill

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

For the month of October, Brent Johnson Photography is running a $50.00 special for families in southern Utah. All photos will be edited and uploaded to a CD. If you live more than 100 miles away and are still interested, contact Brent for a great deal. 


Cheryl said...

These are amazing pictures. There is no where in the world that compares to Southern Utah's beauty. I love Kanab. It was an amazing place to grow up.

Marilyn said...

You don't really appreciate the beauty until you see it in a picture. Sometimes it's just too close to see.

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