Thursday, June 11, 2015

Family Vacation Gone Terribly Wrong

My son, Chase, his wife and two children set out on a much anticipated vacation Saturday. About half way to their destination, it began to sprinkle, quickly turning into a hard rain. Talitha, my daughter-in-law, was driving when their Chevy Blazer hydroplaned, sending the vehicle sideways down the left hand side of the freeway, then rolling two and a half times, landing on the driver's side in the median. Chase climbed out of the passenger window and pulled the windshield off with his bare hands to get to his wife, who was bleeding and had a huge cut from her eyebrow to the top of her scalp. Many people stopped to help, including two nurses and one EMT in training, but Chase, in his adrenaline rushing haste, didn't think anyone was getting his kids out of the car fast enough, so he climbed to the bottom of the Blazer, opened the door and unbuckled his four year old, while a Good Samaritan went in for their toddler. 

Two ambulances came, one for Talitha and another for Chase and the kids. They spent six hours in the hospital, getting glass out of wounds and stitching up Talitha and Chase. Amazingly, their little boys were uninjured!

The fact that Chase and his little family came out of this accident alive, without even so much as a broken bone, is indeed a miracle. 

Many of you have asked how you can be of assistance. What Chase and his family REALLY need is another vehicle. Please click on the red link below for an explanation and opportunity to help. NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IS TOO SMALL. We sincerely appreciate ANYTHING that you can do!

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