Saturday, May 14, 2011

11 Places I'd Like to Visit

When Blogger was down, my original '11 Places I'd like to Visit' article, written for May 11th, was taken away. Ugh! Now I am ornery about it, so I'm not going to re-write anything. Just know that these are the places I would like to visit someday...

1) Barbados

2) New Orleans, Louisiana

3) Vermont (in the fall)

4) Banff Springs Hotel (Canadian Rockies)

5) Switzerland

6) Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

7) Neuschwanstein Castle

8) Mall of America

9) Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios

10)French Riviera


Oh...and if you've been to any of these places, please leave a comment and tell me about it.


Elizabeth said...

I have been to Myrtle Beach since I was little, we've gone every summer and now that I live in SC it's a shorter drive. It's nice but not as nice as it was many years ago (so I'm told). Now it's very touristy but there are still nice parts. Personally I like Charleston, less touristy.

carolinaheartstrings said...

Great pics. I have been to #6 many times and I am going to #9 this summer. Cannot wait.

Lynn said...

One of my favorite travel days of all time was a day that I spent going to all of the Bavarian castles. Neuschwanstein (and the others whose names I can't remember) was amazing. And we based ourselves in a little town (whose name I do remember...Fussen) that was so cute. I loved that vacation. Also been to the Riviera...did it on the cheap which makes you feel like you aren't really getting the full experience :) Gotta blow the bucks to have a good time I think. Italy is amazing....big country, but you can't go wrong wherever you go. I wish for you that you get to each and every one of these places before you have to go on a senior citizen tour pushing your walker!

Anonymous said...


I live in Saint Paul and have been to the Mall of America or MOA as we call it here. IF you like shopping and walking and eating and shopping and walking and eating and LOTS of people then the MOA is the place for you:) It's HUGE - 4 floors of fun that are each about 1 to 2 miles around or so it seems. There is a great ride area for kids, that costs lots of money and an underwater aquarium deal that costs lots of money too. So bring lots of money and you'll have lots of fun:)

Deborah in Atlanta said...

Here's where I've been.

Vermont: I rode my motorcycle (with my 28-year old daughter on the back) on a trip to Canada the 4th of July week about 10 years ago, and we stayed two days in Vermont. Lovely - except for the awful thunderstorm we had the first evening.

Myrtle Beach, SC: I grew up vacationing in Myrtle Beach (since it's so close to my home town of Augusta, GA). Lovely place to spend some time.

And I lived in Europe for 7 years and visited a lot of places, so I got to visit some of your favorites while I was there.

Switzerland: Oh so beautiful, and worth every penny I spent while I was there. I wished I had been younger, because I would have loved to snow ski while there. But at my age, I was afraid I'd break something.

Neuschwanstein Castle ("The Disney Castle"): Totally crazy to believe they had the ability to build things something like this that many years ago. Definitely take the horse ride up to the castle. And go to Marion's Bridge for the view - you can see it here

Italy: Watch those crazy drivers. If it's a 2-lane road, they'll make it 3-lanes. See the olive trees, go to the sulphur springs, visit the island of Elba (where they exiled Bonaparte), see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, go to Venice and Florence. Visit Pompeii (out of all these locations, I never made it to Pompeii, so throw a kiss in the air for me).

qc said...

A bit late to the party but still...

I've been to Switzerland and the French Riveria (lived a year in a little mountain village in the first and three months in the second).

I've been to Neuschwanstein Castle and also all over Italy.

I haven't done much in the States though, or even touched on Canada or the Caribbean. Your places look good!

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