Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Mean Girl Moment

I wasn't a mean girl in high school, but I did have one bad moment. To this day, I regret my actions and wish I had behaved differently. Here's the scoop...

I went to Mexico with my high school Spanish class my sophomore year. Jill, my best friend, and I shared a hotel room with two other girls. Girl #1 was fun and we didn't mind sharing a room with her. Girl #2, not so much. If you saw #2 from behind, she looked nice enough (Farrah Fawcett hairstyle, trendy clothes and shapely figure), but when she turned around, let's just say she wasn't exactly easy on the eyes.

A couple of things bugged all three of us about #2. For one thing, she had more money to spend than anyone else in the class. While the majority of the students went to one of Puerto Vallarta's markets to purchase snacks that wouldn't give us diarrhea (saltines and bottled orange soda come to mind), #2 thought nothing about paying quadruple the money for Cheetos at our hotel gift shop.

Girl #2 also loved to curl her hair...over and over and over. Seriously?! It was so muggy in Puerto Vallarta that, depending on your hair type, you either had tight curls stuck to your head or hippy straight hair. While the rest of the females adjusted and dealt with the humidity, #2 stayed in the room all day, partying with her curling iron.

The only time I remember girl #2 coming out of the hotel room to be social, was the 'mean girl moment' I am going to tell you about.

I'm sorry the photo is bad, but it was taken by
a teenager (moi) with a 1970's Kodak.

The four of us were swimming near a large island in the pool (above). Girl #1, Jill and I came up with a plan to ditch #2. We told #2 we wanted to play a fun game and clock each other to see who could swim around the island the fastest. AND, just so #2 would think it was a legitimate competition, girl #1 went first. We timed #1 while she swam around the entire island. When it was #2's turn, we did the whole "Get ready. Get set. Go!" thing, watched her until she was out of sight, and then made a mad dash out of the pool.

I know. I know! Horrible, horrible, horrible. I can NOT believe I did something so heartless to a classmate and on foreign soil no less. The poor girl was thousands of mile away from home. Sad.

Now, before you write hateful comments toward me, keep in mind that this occurred over thirty years ago. I obviously had a snotty, sixteen year old, beeotch moment.


Lizbeth said...

Jeez, go easy on yourself...we used to roll our brother down the hill in the garbage can and it was full.

I know, I'm horrible too.

Feel better?!?

RacersMommy said...

lol I once told a girl she was so ugly that only dogs would marry her.

rubyslipperz said...

well, I'm glad that I've not known that girl...the one I much nicer. =P


DeeAnn said...

Lizbeth- Yes. It makes me feel a tiny bit better, but I think we should be exempt from guilt when it comes to our siblings. (I wasn't so nice to my sister.)

RacersMommy- Ha! That IS mean. She must've been really ugly. Hey...maybe we are talking about the same girl? :)

Lynn said...

What made you think of this now??? If this is the worst thing that you ever did then you are far better than most!

Accidental Expert said...

I'm sure I had several mean girl moments. But given my aging mind, I can't remember that far back. Have you ever seen girl #2 again?

DeeAnn said...

rubyslipperz- given that you know me best, thank you for saying that...especially since you've seen my not-so-nice moments:)

Lynn- Scrapbooking. A bunch of old photos fell out of a bag. (Ya, I'm that organized. Ha.) I am sure I did other snotty things, but this one periodically comes back to haunt me.

Accidental Expert- No, I have not seen girl #2 since she graduated, but I DO talk to my friend Jill and says she can't remember this incident. I wonder if she remembers drinking the orange soda?

RacersMommy said...

lol I was in Jr High at the time, that was my mean girl period. I think she had crazy teeth lol I don't remember but damn I got in trouble for that lol

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