Friday, June 15, 2012

Try Rubbing Vaseline in Your Eye and Not Blowing Your Nose for a Week

That's what I have to do. Well, technically it's not Vaseline, it's Erythromycin ointment, but it has the same gooey texture. 

A plastic surgeon did reconstructive surgery on my tear duct Monday evening. The technical term is called Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR). Basically it's just a fancy name for fixing an obstruction between your tear duct and your nose.

While waiting for the surgery, a lady sitting in a chair next to mine asked me a question. I had no idea what she said, so I looked at her and replied, "Excuse me?" She glanced back and mumbled something along the lines of "Never mind". That's when I saw black drawings all around her eyes and realized she was having plastic surgery for vanity reasons. I thought to myself, "That's right beeotch. The doctor didn't draw all over my face. I'm here because of a real problem."

What is it with people who want to talk to you in doctor's offices and/or hospitals anyway? Seriously, I was a nervous freaking wreck. The last thing I wanted to do was tell 'Mrs. I've Got Nothing Better to Worry About or Spend My Money On' all about my personal problems. I saved that information for all you blogging friends. ;)  Just kidding. I won't bore you with details. Let me say, though, as disgusting as it sounds, you can't realize what a blessing it is to blow your nose, until someone forbids it.

(Hopefully, I am spelling things right through my blurry vision.)

To make this post somewhat educational and for those of you who may be suffering from a blocked tear duct as I was, or are just curious about the procedure, I've included a diagram:


Do not put Vaseline in your eye or anybody else's for that matter.

If you go without blowing your nose, you do so at your own risk.


Kristi said...

May you have a speedy recovery!

Marsupial Mama said...

Yikes! Get better soon!!

DeeAnn said...

Thank you ladies. So far, so good. :)

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