Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Very Special Twelve Days of Christmas

A few years ago, a very kindhearted person did The Twelve Days of Christmas for Cody. That individual (or individuals) will probably never know how happy their actions made my son. It only took a couple of nights for Cody to get into the swing of answering the door and finding packages left specifically for him. Each evening until Christmas, Cody greatly anticipated the sound of the doorbell. To this day, I have no idea who Cody's secret angel was, but I do know from the gifts and poems left each night, Cody's giver knew him rather well. 

Regrettably, I did not save every message/ gift that was left during those memorable twelve days, but I did keep half of them. They were...

Day 5- Five Christmas Stories
Day 6- Six Symbols of the Lord (all I kept was the Legend of the Candy Cane)
Day 8- Eight Candy Bars
Day 9- Nine Chocolate Chip Muffins
Day 10- The Ten Commandments
Day 11- A Bar of Ivory Soap

This is funny, however, I used to threaten my kids with dish soap or pepper. ;)

And this note was left for Cody on the last day...

If only I could speak with this anonymous person(s), I would thank them for remembering my son during that holiday season. Considering whom our Savior spent His time with during His mortal ministry, I would say Cody's friend was undoubtedly following Christ's example.

(See Matthew Chapter 9).


Kristi said...

What a great experience, for both Cody and the anonymous giver.

Anonymous said...

Hey DeeAnn,yes we used permanent marker on our fingers and took off with rubbing alcohol.

I'm new follower,hope you can come back.yep that's the fact,Loblolly is a pine tree and our home is surrounded by Loblolly pines.

I enjoyed reading here @ Snippet's 'n Stuff also the great photo's.

~Jo @ LoblollyLane

Carolina HeartStrings said...

How sweet and special. Inspiring!

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