Sunday, December 30, 2012

Two Reasons Why I Sucked at Blogging this Month

A couple of things have happened during the month of December that have taken precedence over blogging.

#1- My son and daughter-in-law had another beautiful baby boy the week before Christmas.

Asher and Uncle Cody

#2- Don had hernia surgery three days after Christmas.

I'm going to confess. I sort of like my husband a bit drugged up. Not only did the Lortab keep Don awake (a terrific thing since he has MS and is always tired), but I found he was quite amusing.

Upon arriving home from the hospital, I situated Don in the recliner, turned the television on, then plopped down on the sofa with my laptop and permitted Don to entertain me, albeit unintentional...

8:00 p.m.-

Don- “Do you ever wonder what happened to the girl’s dad?” 
Me- “What girl’s dad?” 
Don- “The Brady girls.” 

I have NO IDEA why Don was suddenly concerned about the Brady girl's real father. All I know is he wasn't talking about Mike Brady. What really baffles me, however, is Don was watching Dateline NBC!

10:00 p.m.-

Don- "I'm not tired, AT ALL!"
Me- Could it be the three Cokes you chugged since we got home at 5:00?" 

10:05 p.m.-

Don waddles into the kitchen, picks up a Tangerine and goes on and on about why Cuties are sooo much better than Mandarin Oranges.

10:30 p.m.- 

Don- “You like bread pudding, don’tcha?” 

WTH? We have been married for 30 years. He should know that I HATE bread pudding! I'm still scratching my head about that one.


Kristi said...

Congratulations on your latest grandbaby!

Now I'm curious: Whatever did happen to the Brady girls' father? :-) Hope your husband recovers quickly.

Ila Adkins said...

LOL I know this is an older post, but wow... this is too funny! :)


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