Saturday, July 27, 2013

I'm Not a Food Critic, but You've Got to Try This!

Don and I went to Carl's Jr. the other day and decided to try the Jim Beam Bourbon Burger. I don't know what possessed me to order it. I don't even like to eat hamburgers. Ordinarily I would opt for the Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich. Anyway...

Let me explain to you how I adored that Bourbon Burger! Oh my goodness! I'm pretty sure my eyes were rolling in the back of my head like a baby while nursing. I couldn't quit talking about how delicious the burger was the entire time I was eating it. I reminded myself of Bob Wiley eating dinner with Dr. Leo Marvin's family in the movie What About Bob? (one of my favorites). Another movie that comes to mind to describe my Bourbon Burger experience is When Harry Met Sally. Remember the restaurant scene? Yeah. The Jim Beam Bourbon Burger is THAT good. 

Let me give you yet another perspective. Don has always told me I have a phobia about eating the last bite of anything I have to hold with my fingers (burgers, sandwiches, soft tacos, etc.). I assure you I do NOT have a phobia; I just get full. Regardless, I enjoyed that Bourbon Burger so much that I made sure Don was watching as I popped the very last bite into my mouth.

If you haven't tried the Jim Beam Bourbon Burger, you must. 

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