Monday, July 22, 2013

Wedding Part 1/ Bridal Gown and Flowers

I wish I could say planning a wedding was fun, but it was stressful at best. Katelyn and I had a vision, but like everything else in life, there were problems along the way... finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses, the perfect venue, the perfect flowers, the perfect colors, yada yada yada. 

However, now that the day has come and gone and I look through wedding photos, I feel better about the amount of money Don and I spent. It was such a PERFECT day! We could not have put on such an event without the help of some amazing professionals. I will talk about all of them in future blog posts, but today I want to make special mention of two of them...

Bloomers Flowers and Decor

We asked Bloomers to incorporate pearls. They were in Katelyn's bouquet...

...and Matthew's boutonniere.

Pearls were also in the bottom of vases...

...and arranged as part of the reception decor.

Photos by M Felt Photography

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Marilyn said... get teary eyed when I look at the wedding pictures.

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