Monday, June 13, 2016

New Beginnings

My house went on the market today and it is bitter/sweet. 

Since the year 2000, Loblolly Circle has been home-sweet-home. If walls could talk, they would tell you about sixteen different Christmases, complete with uniquely decorated trees and the makings of yummy traditional foods in the kitchen. They would mention the carefully selected (and always cute) wrapping paper that covered the floor as gifts were opened one by one. The walls would explain that listening to Aerosmith or TFF or Weird Al Yankovic at 6 a.m. on Christmas morning was the norm for this family, thanks to Cody's unique requests to Santa Claus each year.

The walls of 1039 Loblolly Circle would express the feeling they got while watching Cody, Chase, Casey and Katelyn grow up, eventually moving out (with the exception of Cody) and leaving a void within. They might mention different friends these children brought  home over the years, each one carving a special mark on our hearts.

They would speak of the pain they witnessed with the removal of wisdom teeth, appendectomies and other various surgeries, as well as illnesses such as the much dreaded Swine Flu.

If this house could talk, it would tell you about Cody's victories and trials. You'd hear about the time he locked himself in the bathroom with the tub running and how he always had to unload the dishwasher (and by "unload", I mean open the dishwasher after it's cycle and feel steam on his face).

The walls would tell which family members were present when the Twin Towers fell on 9/11. They would tell you about heartaches felt as loved ones passed away and of the joy experienced when new life came into the family. These walls would be thrilled to express witness of pure delight when each grandson was introduced and loved and coddled over.

From our awesome kitchen remodel to the loss of my beloved palm tree, there are so many stories to be told and remembered. For that, I am thankful to have photographs and journals. 

AS FOR THE SWEET~ I am excited for new beginnings! God has opened doors, removed roadblocks and helped me overcome obstacles and I am certain that He has a watchful eye over me and Cody. 

Soooo...THAT said... bring on the buyers! I'm ready to let go of my home. My motto going forward will be the words of Thomas S. Monson... 

"Be of good cheer. Your future is as bright as your faith!"

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