Sunday, October 16, 2016

Name Brand Favorites 2

Six years ago, I wrote a short post revealing a few of my name brand favorites. Since then, I have discovered more products that I enjoy and wish to share. Here are a few of them...

This stuff is fabulous! I use a generous amount on my thick, color-treated, over-heated hair and it does a wonderful job taming frizz, smoothing and hydrating.

Good ol' Blistex has come a long way over the years.  I love this
particular flavor/scent and it comes with SPF 15 to boot!

Better Homes and Gardens brand scented wax is every bit as good as the Scentsy brand and so much cheaper. You can buy these at Walmart, but don't be confused with the Walmart brand right beside it. You'll be sorely disappointed. I have made that mistake.

Famous Dave's is THE only brand of BBQ sauce I will buy and Sweet and Zesty is, by far, my favorite. You don't have to go to their restaurant to purchase it, because Walmart carries this as well. You'll find Famous Dave's BBQ Sauce with all the other condiments.

I just discovered these yeast rolls within the last month and I love them. You can take them out of your freezer at the last minute, because you heat them from frozen! Buttered while warm, these rolls taste as good as homemade and are much easier (and better than Rhodes, in my opinion).

Lastly, Mr. Clean with Gain scent smells amazing and gets the job done. I'm a Tide person when it comes to laundry detergent, but I love the smell of Gain. It makes me happy that other products, including Mr. Clean, are using their scent. If you haven't already, give this product a try.

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