Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Old School

Sesame Street Old School is one of the things Cody got for Christmas this year. The volume above has three discs and is from years 1974-1979. Watching these episodes with Cody brings a feeling of nostalgia to me. I use to watch Sesame Street with my younger brothers in the 1970's, back when televisions had about five channels and remotes were unheard of.

I love that Sesame Street characters and scripts are humorous for adults, yet still fun and educational for children. Remember when Snuffleupagus was invisible? And how about Baba Wawa and Guy Smiley. I'd love to see Guy host Dancing with the Stars or Hollywood Squares instead of Tom Bergeron; his head is just as big and I'm sure he'd be more entertaining. And then there was John John. He was adorable!

Check out the trailer for Sesame Street Old School. If you think you may be interested in buying one or all of the DVD volumes, you can find them at Amazon or eBay.

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