Monday, December 13, 2010

Question- This is a Place Where Cody Hums to Relieve Stress. Answer- What is the Dentist Office?

Cody went to the dentist for his six month check up and cleaning today. It's not his favorite thing to do, but really, who actually enjoys it? Thank goodness we have a dentist with the patience of a saint. And his hygienist is just as patient, probably more so since she spends the most amount of time in Cody's mouth.

When Cody was younger, around six years old, he had to be put to sleep for dental work that required numbing and it took two of us just to hold him down while the dentist, Dr. Lax, merely looked in his mouth. (This was discovered when I was holding Cody's arms and he figured out he could use his legs to kick Dr. Lax in the head!)

After we moved and became patients of Dr. Denos, Cody found a way to cope with his much dreaded check-ups; he hums the Jeopardy theme music the ENTIRE time someone is poking around in his mouth. Whatever it takes, right?

This is what Cody says DENTIST stands for...

N-no singing Jeopardy loud
T- teeth
I- inside
S- surprise


Lynn said...

Ooh...I don't like that S for surprise. It's great that he has something like that to get him through, but yeah I could see where the Jeopardy theme could get old...especially if it's a long procedure.

Jennifer C said...

The dreaded dentist, good for Cody finding a way to cope. I am still trying to find a good way to cope myself. Lol

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