Sunday, July 3, 2011

Grass Fight!

Unless he is in a swimming pool or wearing his "bee hat", Cody is miserable when he is outdoors. He is also a tad bit tactily defensive. That is what makes the following photos so great. Late last night, Don lured Cody outside with fireworks and they ended up in a one sided grass fight. Believe it or not, Cody was the instigator.

Here Cody is grabbing a handful of grass,

trying to throw the grass in Don's face,

then putting it all over his own shirt.

I caught Cody trying to sneak a handful of grass into the house.

1 comment:

Lizbeth said...

So that makes me think of all those Tide commercials about getting grass stains out. Good luck.

And they look like they're having a blast--yay!

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