Saturday, July 2, 2011

Life Is Random, So Am I

...should be Cody's motto. He has such odd, yet concrete moments of recollection.

Cody and I were watching old Sesame Street programs on Netflix and when the following segment came on, this is what he said... "When we were watching this in Eugene, your nose was itching...member?

Then he asked me, "How come your memory is not as good as mine?" when I told him I didn't remember.

We lived in Oregon over sixteen years ago and Cody knows where I was and what I was doing when this particular episode came on television.

That, my friends, is autism at its finest. :)


jaesi said...


Lora said...

Thank goodness that Griffin has great memory otherwise we would be in a big mess because mine is horrible!

Apples and Autobots said...

My Tinkerbell is like that too! She can remember pretty much everything--especially conversations. If she asks you something that she asked you over a year ago, though, she expects you to give her the exact same answer!

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