Monday, July 11, 2011

11 Things I Could Live Without, but Wouldn't Want To

1) Ketchup- Eating foods such as fries and hamburgers wouldn't be near as enjoyable without this flavorsome condiment.

2) Coke- I suppose I could drink that copycat soda that starts with a P, but I prefer the real thing.

3) Pizza Cutter- I love this little gizmo! Click here to find out what magnificent things this gadget can do.

4) Body Pillow- My knees rub together and hips ache in the morning if I can't curl my legs around this at night.

5) Blow Dryer- Mine quit on me last week and I went two days without. Not pretty.

6) Remote Controls- I am old enough to remember getting up and switching the dial on the TV. I like lazy better.

7) Ice Cream- Living without ice cream would be extremely sad. I scream, you scream...

8) Mascara- In my opinion, every woman would look better wearing a little mascara.

9) Vacations to Disneyland- The Happiest Place on Earth needs me and I need The Happiest Place on Earth.

10) Refrigerator Ice Maker. Remember filling those little ice cube trays and spilling water all over the floor as you tried to put them in the freezer? And there was always someone who filled them too full or not full enough.

11) Television- I know it's hard to believe, but there are people who actually want to live without television in their home. If I didn't have a TV, I suppose I would read a lot more, play more board games and maybe even do jigsaw puzzles. I just can't imagine never laughing my butt off watching "The Office" again or nagging my husband to do projects around the house because I was inspired by "HGTV".

There you have it. 11 things I could live without, but I'm sooo glad I don't have to.


bbsmum said...

Add hair straighteners to the dryer. My teen years would have been transformed if they'd invented straighteners in the seventies. All those wasted frizzy years (sobs uncontrollably)

DeeAnn said...

bbsmum- Absolutely! :)

carolinaheartstrings said...

I absolutely agree with the all. Your number 9 for me is Disneyworld in Florida. It is my happiest place on earth too. In fact we are making a happy little trip in August. Cannot wait.

MarsupialMama said...

I love this list!! The only thing I think I'd add is microwave popcorn. Love the pizza cutter ideas!

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