Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Just His Mom. What the Hell Do I Know?

As you read this post, keep in the back of your mind that Cody hates being outdoors. He also loathes flies and bees and doesn't care much for dogs or cats either.

Katelyn spotted a frog on the sidewalk the other night so she popped her head in the door to notify us. As Don and I headed outside, Cody jumped up from his chair and wanted to come. That alone is extremely out of character for Cody, but what he did next was even more unusual.

Don, forever trying to get Cody out of his comfort zone, said to him, "There's a frog out here Code. Do you want to hold it?"

Then..., you guessed it, Cody surprised us all and answered "Yes!"

Check out these photos...

It was cute. We had to keep reminding Cody not to squeeze the little amphibian, but he thoroughly enjoyed holding it.

Just when I think I'm an expert at figuring Cody out, he goes and does something like this to prove that I really know nothing at all about what goes on in that head of his.


jaesi said...

i love this. thats a cute little amphibian. sort of.

cheartstrings said...

I'm a little squeamish about amphibs myself but good for Cody. We are going to a Safari outing at Cyrpess Gardens on Sat where there will be reptiles among other things. Curious to see how my son deals with it all. Last time we were there he would not go in the butterfly house!

Marilyn said...

Way to go CODY!!! Brandon will be proud :-)

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