Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Almost Got Arrested

I spent a good deal of time with Casey yesterday. He works for a major drug store chain and was telling me about some robberies that had taken place at various stores.

Sooo...last night I dreamt that I was at Walgreen's walking around in my robe. I came to a corner in the back of the store where the pain relievers were and noticed a red sale tag displayed on the bottom shelf near the ibuprofen. I bent over to see what the price was, and my robe (the tie at the waist type) started to come open. I stood up, untied my robe and cinched it back up tight. Almost immediately, I realized it was a stupid thing to do. It probably appeared that I was trying to shop lift.

Sure enough, two security guards approached me and told me they knew I put something inside my robe. I tried to assure them I hadn't, but they were not convinced. They lead me to a back room, where I had to wait for a female officer to come and search me.

Then I woke up.

1 comment:

Carolina HeartStrings said...

I would love to run this one through the dream analyzer...

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