Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy 29th Birthday!

Today is Chase's birthday and to give you an idea of his personality and the role Chase plays in our family, please click on the following links:

Playful Prankster

Wittiness and Whiskers

I Don't Want a Mail Order Bride for a Daughter-In-Law

A little note here. Chase did not have to go to Russia for his mail order bride after all. He found the love of his life right here in the states (and I thank God every day). Click on Chase and Talitha's Wedding to see pics.

Chase Trimmed His Beard and I Didn't Think He Looked Gay Enough, So I Made Him Wear a Cowboy Outfit

Imitation Marijuana

Ah-La-La-La. I Can't Hear You.

Bonding Moment Between Brothers

And the last link, written by Chase himself, is one of Snippets 'N Stuff's most read posts:

Guest Post by Chase Lancaster/ 10 Proven Ways to Know When Someone is an Alcoholic

Happy Birthday Chase! Enjoy... because this time next year, you'll be the big THREE ZERO. : )

Chase and Talitha/ August 23,2013


Marilyn said...

This is Good DeeAnn. Hope Chase never changes....His sense of humor, that is :-)

Kathryn said...

Got to love the craziness of Chase.. over the year I've known him I can see him doing all

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