Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Disability Etiquette Quiz

I took a Disability Etiquette Quiz and got 100%. That, in itself, is not surprising. I suppose I would have been alarmed had I missed a few questions after being around Cody and other people with disabilities for over 32 years.

I think it's a good idea for everyone to take the short quiz. It's informative and may come in handy down the road. In fact, I will GIVE you the answer to one of the questions, because it's something I often see people do incorrect. Here it is...

True or False: I should tell the person who I am before speaking to a person who is blind.

The answer is True and here is an example why.

When approaching Cody, whether it is extended family, friends, or acquaintances, so many find it entertaining to have him guess who they are. While they may be entertained by withholding their names, it's not fun for Cody. Imagine yourself blindfolded and attending a function where there is a large group of people (church, family reunion, etc.) and being expected to play "Guess Who?" over and over. I realize people mean well. They really do and I am very grateful when others want to approach Cody and visit with him, but I know that Cody is very grateful to individuals who state their name right away.

Disability Etiquette is something we should become familiar and comfortable with. If you wish, click on the link below to take the short quiz and come back to let us know how you did in the comment section. And it's OKAY if you do not get 100% the first go-round, because as we say in Kindergarten... "We're just learning!"   :)

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