Friday, February 14, 2014

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This was my day yesterday...

The button came off my pants and I didn't have time to sew it back on or change before work, so I safety pinned them (which was a hassle every time I had to go to the bathroom).

When blow drying my hair, I knocked a dried flower arrangement off of the wall. I couldn't vacuum up the damn mess, but I made sure to throw what was left of the stupid thing in the trash.

I dropped Cody's Twinkie Minion Valentines on the floor. Some of them came apart, but repairing them would have to wait.

While teaching a group of kids during work circle, the secretary, via the florist, delivered these roses to me...

They were from my husband. The children loved it. So did I!

I couldn't drive all over town  holding a beautiful flower arrangement, so I had to leave work 15 minutes early to drop off the flowers at home before going to my hair appointment. 

Once I was home, I threw together half a sandwich and a Diet Coke to inhale on the way to the salon.

While sitting under the dryer, I received a text from Katelyn and Casey saying they were at my house waiting for me. Katelyn had forgotten I told her the day before that I wouldn't be home.

I ran late at the salon and had to ask Casey to stay at the house and get Cody off of his day program van. 

I had barely been home 15 minutes when Chase dropped off my grandsons (whom I love dearly) for me to babysit.

Doing me a favor, Casey closed all the doors in the hallway to keep the toddlers out of mischief, then he went home and left me alone with the two little boys and Cody.

I fixed and fed them grilled cheese sandwiches and popsicles for dinner.

I decided to attempt to start Cody's bath, but found his bedroom door locked...from the inside. I had to wait for Don to come home from work and help me unlock it. 

A mutual friend called to let me know Mrs. B. was in the hospital and we would be having a sub for Valentine's Day. 

Once the grand kids went home, I finished fixing Cody's valentines, vented via text to my mom and sister and got into bed by 9:15 without shedding a single tear!

I tossed and turned and when I was finally able to sleep, I had nightmares about Kindergarten and substitute teachers.

The morning, however, has come and gone and somehow I survived. 

That's the GOOD and BAD. In case you are wondering what the UGLY is, it's my attitude sometimes. I really am blessed. I have a good job and great family and friends. 

THIS makes it all worth while...

Treats from the Students

A Coke Calendar from Casey/
A Pie and Turtles (My Favorite Candy in the Whole World) from Chase and Talitha

...and a Thoughtful "I Love You" from My Husband of Thirty- One Years. :)

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