Friday, July 2, 2010

The Wizard of Freakin' Oz

In the 1970's, when I was a child, there were movies that would only come on television once a year; 'The Wizard of Oz' being one of them. Terrified does not begin to describe how I felt every time the Wicked Witch of the West came on the screen. My younger sister and I would be so afraid, that she would sit on my mother's lap and I would be right beside them. And, might I add, the little evil, flying monkeys DID NOT help!

Between The Wizard of Oz and H.R. Pufnstuf ,a '70's television program that I actually LOVED, I had re-occurring dreams that my sister and I were locked in a witch's cave. We were always waiting for someone in the family to come and rescue us from the evil witch.

To this day, I can not enjoy that movie! The witch doesn't scare me anymore, but she certainly gives me a sick feeling in my gut.

I never did let my children watch 'The Wizard of Oz' because I wanted to save them from "trauma". Eventually they all had a chance to see the movie at Grandma's house (go figure). They laughed and said "It's not a scary movie mom". Regardless, I still think I did the right thing by depriving them of watching the evil movie when they were really young. After all, when my daughter was little, she wouldn't watch the Disney movie 'Snow White' because of the "scary witch" and to this day my 26 year old son has a fear that E.T is going to be in his closet!   :)


Anonymous said...

Hello thanks for friending me on Gather. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. BTW- I loved the Wizard of Oz. lol

Happy 4th,

dluvscoke said...

Ellie- Thanks for your comment. It made me smile!

Marilyn said...

Just have to tell you DeeAnn, Kaydee and I watched The Wizard of Oz this afternoon. She loved it. When the witch appeared, then left, Kaydee said, "Again, again."

dluvscoke said...

Oh my goodness! What if she didn't like the witch? Then you would have introduced her to scary nightmares to haunt her throughout childhood :)

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