Saturday, July 31, 2010

The God Spot

I found the following information in Dr. Oz's book 'You Staying Young'.

"Research has shown that spirituality is tied in with healthy brain function. It is also closely allied to freedom from depression."

"There is a small part of the brain called the 'God Module' - nicknamed the 'God Spot'."

"We are, literally, wired for belief of some kind. Psychologists have long assumed that there must be some genetic foundation to religion, because no society in the world is without it."

I think this is interesting. What are your thoughts?


Affans said...

Well nice website and nice family

Marilyn said...

I like this.............Can I borrow your book when you have finished reading it?

dluvscoke said...

I would loan it to you if I had it. I checked it out at the library. Maybe you could do the same?

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