Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer X Games Are On!

Our middle son, Casey, introduced us to Motocross years ago. He had a dirt bike (or 2 or 3) and loved riding. More than once, he came home scratched up, bloody, and in pain, but what could we do? His passion was strong. In fact, during high school, his peers called him 'Carmichael' because he refused to wear anything but 'Ricky Carmichael' T-Shirts. Casey and his friends loved to ride in the desert and build jumps. (At least most of the time. He informed us, much later, that they once found a piece of heavy equipment with a key in it, so they decided to move dirt!)

We are glad Casey introduced the family to X Games. We love watching them with him.The night Travis Pastrana did the first double back flip was absolutely amazing! Personally, my favorite thing to watch is Step Up. It excites me to see how high the riders get their bikes in the air. Some day I hope we can take the family and watch the X Games in person!

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freedownload said...

I love your info. I got a son 2 ys now and he is getting smarter. I like that.

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