Friday, July 9, 2010

Redheads Can Be Beautiful Too

Self-Esteem was something I didn't have much of growing up. I wasn't "blessed" with brown skin and dark eyelashes and eyebrows that ran in my mother's side of the family. My sister did. And believe me, I heard about it often. Family members and acquaintances alike, would make comments about my sister and her beautiful "Heyborne eyes" or her dark complexion. Usually I was right there, listening and wondering why my sister was the "lucky" one. I am sure nobody meant to be mean spirited; they didn't set out to hurt my feelings. Nonetheless, their comments stuck in my head and I dealt with this insecurity very privately for years.

 I had many friends and boyfriends, so I must not have been an "Ugly Duckling"; however, when it came time to plan my wedding, insecurities really haunted me. They say "Every Bride is Beautiful"  but I remember thinking, "Not me.  I can never be beautiful, no matter how gorgeous my wedding gown may be."

I don't know when I finally developed good self-esteem. Maybe it came with age? I do know that redheads, for the most part, are not looked down upon as they use to be. After all, plenty of women pay good money to have their hair colored (including me). I'm glad I was able to rise above this insecurity and realize that redheads can be beautiful too!

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Marilyn said...

You are beautiful DeeAnn!! I had no idea you had those feelings growing up. It's too bad children cannot express themselves when they are young. It's too bad parents don't pay closer attention and pick up on the things that are bothering their children.

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