Thursday, September 2, 2010

Daunting Decisions

"It's in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped."  
                                                                                             Anthony Robbins

My husband and I have had to make many difficult decisions in our marriage. One of the most difficult was letting our son, Cody, go to the Oregon State School for the Blind at age eight.

After going through an extensive three week evaluation at the school, we realized it was where Cody needed to be. They had the best braille. mobility, music and physical education teachers. There was a bowling alley, swimming pool, track and field and roller rink on campus. The school had several dorms, a cafeteria and a nurses station. It was awesome and Cody loved it!

Because we lived about an hour away, my husband drove Cody to school every Monday and pick him up Friday afternoons. Cody slept in the dorm four nights a week and was able to be home the other three.

Our family moved away from Oregon when Cody turned sixteen. We had him enrolled in our neighborhood high school. Although Cody missed all of his friends, inclusion was another great experience for him.

As I look back, I am pleased that my husband and I had the strength that was needed to let Cody go for a little while. Many lives have been touched over the years because we were willing to share him with some very special people.


Autism Mom Rising said...

I'm glad that worked out so well. I imagine it must have been one of the hardest things you ever had to do. A friend of mine and her husband had to make a similiar decision for their blind/autistic son and their son loved the away school too. Sometimes it is just what's best for the child and that's okay too.

dluvscoke said...

Yes. You're absolutely right. What is best for the child isn't always easy on the parents, but we learn to cope.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my site and leaving the nice comment! Looks like we have many things in common...among other tings, like having a son with autism (mine is very mild), I also make quilts (yes, guys can make quilts),I LOVE to read--am a professional writer, and doing artwork--mostly with my kiddos pics.
Thanks for stopping by--I will visiting soon!

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