Monday, September 27, 2010

Weird CD Mix

This is a CD mix that Cody asked Chase to burn for him (no coaxing involved).

Summer of 69/ Brian Adams
Joshua Giraffe/ Raffi
Ganster's Paradise/ Coolio
Looking Out My Backdoor/ CCR
Waiting/ Journey
I Won't Tell 'Em Your Name/ Goo Goo Dolls
If This Is It/ Huey Lewis
Send Her My Love/ Journey
Shift Work/ Kenny Chesney
November Rain/ Guns and Roses
Smooth Criminal/ Michael Jackson
Blame It On The Rain/ Milli Vannilli
Love Is A Battlefield/ Pat Benetar
Just A Shame/ Phill Collins
Kumbaya/ Raffi
Shut Up And Drive/ Rhianna
Suicidal/ Sean Kingston

Anybody want a copy:)


Big Daddy Autism said...

Wow. That has got to be the most eclectic mix ever. Interestingly, I heard a rumor that Raffi would be opening for Guns N Roses on their upcoming reunion tour.

Marilyn said...

What's funny to me is where does Cody come up with some of those songs?

dluvscoke said...

Cody never forgets anything (Milli Vannilli). I like classic rock and he listens to country at his Day Program, so that explains most.

Raffi opening for Guns and that's funny!

Loomis said...

I miss coolio lol!

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Lynn said...

Wow...that is some crazy variety. Weirdest radio playlist ever...

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