Friday, October 8, 2010

911 Emergency

Cody's latest obsession is his dad's emergency pager. When Don is home, he will let Cody hold on to it and listen to the dispatching of Paramedics and Firemen. Cody has learned what channels he must have the pager on to hear all the action. When the alarms sound, he gets very excited and yells, "Here it is!" He will then report to us everything he's heard even if we are in the same room with him. The following are a few examples:

"Oh no! Somebody is having problems breathing."
"Control, Medic One"
" Someone is having head injuries."
" Smoke is coming from a big building."
"Somebody is having stomach pain."
"Brush fire!"

 There is one problem and that is Cody only knows one volume, wide open. Sometimes there are lulls in the action and we forget he has the pager on, then the alarm goes off and scares the crap out of us. Cody thinks it is wonderful. When bedtime rolls around, he tries to take the pager with him. He will tuck it into the pocket of his pajama pants, as if we can't see the boxy thing. Of course, he doesn't understand this concept because he is can't see.

Sometimes I wonder what Cody would be doing right now if he didn't have disabilities. Would he have become an EMT or Fireman? Would he sale pharmaceuticals (I'll post more on that later)? Would he have made a great husband and father? Cody has such a sweet spirit; I like to think so.

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Rachelle said...

Tell him to listen for 4x645 paramedic Christian from Hurricane Fire and Rescue..

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