Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is there a Gnome in the Dome?

I took this picture at my daughter's high school graduation and noticed something funny. The guy walking up the stairs in front of her (wearing a white shirt) looks like he is carrying a little man on top of his head. Actually it is somebody bending over the chairs on the floor. Call me immature, but I think it's funny.


bbsmum said...

Before I read what you'd written I thought 'Why has he got a puppy on his head?' I'm sure I'm seeing a dog collar - the puppy (or maybe a full-grown pug?) is head-down on the young man's forehead. No?
Did I mention I have poor eyesight?

dluvscoke said...

Well, that just made the picture even funnier to me! Can you imagine seeing a Pug on top of someone's head, especially during an occasion like this? It's not a dog, although I can see how it might look like one. The guy is bent over, butt facing us, straddling the back of the chair. I'm sure he's reaching for a tassle. A lot of the kids lost them after they threw their caps in the air. It's easier to see when the pic is larger, but this is as big as I could (comfortably) post it.

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