Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Noisy Toys

noise [noyz]
n (plural nois·es)
1. unpleasant sound: a loud, surprising, irritating, or unwanted sound
2. any sound: any sound or combination of sounds too much noise in the room
3. outcry: a loud clamor or commotion concerning something

Noise doesn't bother me (unless I'm watching a movie or talking on the phone). Our family has always had toys and electronics around the house that Cody (blind) can enjoy. Because he uses his sense of hearing A LOT, that means noise.

If you have children and don't mind noise, you may want to check out the following website. It has several toy instruments: Bongo drums, Maraca and Egg shakers, accordians, pianos, a variety of percussion instruments, etc:

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