Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 Reasons I Should Be Happy She Wants to Leave Home

Katelyn is my forth child and only daughter. She is nineteen years old, finishing her freshman year at college, and wants to move out for the summer. Here's the thing. Although I know it's inevitable,  I'm not fond of letting her go. I had to wait a good, long time to finally conceive a girl.

Because Cody will be turning the big THREE ZERO in July (just writing it makes me feel sick), I'm already dreading summer 2011. Katelyn deciding to move out is just adding to my grief, so instead of wallowing in my pain, I decided to come up with at least ten reasons why I should be happy to see her go.

1) No more tripping over shoes kicked off near the front door.
2) Less laundry (quite a bit less laundry, actually).
3) Cody gets a bathroom to himself.
4) Less water bottles to wash and refill.
5) The grocery bill will go down.
6) Her bedroom becomes my workout/scrapbook room.
7) No more school books, scarves and/or hand bags cluttering up the kitchen island.
8) Less dirty dishes left in the sink.
9) I'll be the only female in the house dealing with mood swings (I think this will be more of a plus for Don).
10) I give her two weeks before she misses me and appreciates how good she had it living at home!

Even with that said, I still don't feel better  :(


bbsmum said...

I remember when the Other One moved out to go to uni and I was convinced he'd live off takeaways and never wash his socks. Turns out he's a better cook than I am. Not sure about the socks though.

Lizbeth said...

Oh Gawd, I don't envy you...I would so not be ready for that. But when she does come back you'll have her at least every week to do laundry!!

carolinaheartstrings said...

I will not be ready when my girl moves out either. She is 16 and she is my heart. But as I keep reminding myself one of these days that time will come as it does for us all. Sad but true.

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