Friday, April 22, 2011

Future Quilters of America

Katelyn has decided she enjoys quilting and wants to make a hobby of it. She and I spent some girl time and went to a quilt show that is in town for the holiday week-end.

This first quilt was made by a twelve year old. The girl was kind enough to let Katelyn take a picture of her and the red ribbon that she won. How cute is that!


Katelyn and I are both fond of this off center quilt.


One judge made the following quilt of her grandson. It took over 5,400 digitally created pieces. Amazing.

Katelyn adores this alphabet quilt so much that she bought the pattern and plans on making one for her future children.

She even got to have her try at a long arm machine.

I'm glad we had Katelyn's phone for pictures but wish I had remembered my camera for better quality. I loved the details on the following Christmas quilt. The light and dark red fabrics were sewn in such a way that it appeared to be ribbon winding around the middle.


There are soooo many talented people in this world. Oh, the possibilities!


bbsmum said...

These are amazing! I'd love to have talent ...

carolinaheartstrings said...

I love quilts and have several hanging up in my home. Two my grandmother made me, one for my baby bed and one for my grown up bed. I also have one that I made when I took a quilting class. It was my first and last. I love them, but am not at all good at the art.

Lora said...

Amazing talent and skill! I just don't have the patience for something like that nor the money to invest in it.

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