Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cody's Shout Out for The Price is Right

Cody came home this afternoon and informed me that his Day Program won't be going to the track on Thursday. When I asked him "Why?", he replied, "Because we're having a Price is Right party for Danette instead." 

Normally, Cody would be a little upset about a change in routine, but he loves to watch The Price is Right. He often tells me, "I wish I could afford to get on." Call me mean, but that's not ever going to happen unless someone else wants to volunteer to take him. His excitement over the noise and commotion would cause such rapid arm flapping that he'd probably beat the crap out of anyone sitting near him.

Imagine, for a second, that Cody actually did go to the studio and the announcer called him to "come on down". Cody has no concept of money. To prove my point, I asked Cody what he thought Danette would bid on the following items. Here are his answers:

Me- How much do you think Danette would bid on a new car?
Cody- forteen ninety-five

Me- What about a new refrigerator?
Cody- two fifty

Me- What would she bid on a new boat? 
Cody- one dollar

Me- How about a new bedroom set?
Cody-nineteen dollars and ninety-five cents

Me- Let's see...What else do they bid on at The Price is Right?
Cody- a dinette set

Me- Okay. What would Danette bid on a dinette set?
Cody- one dollar

Me- How about a trip to Europe in the showcase showdown?
Cody- six fifty

Let's face it. Cody would have to have luck on his side to make it very far with some of those bids (unless everyone else overbid each time, then...maybe?).

I hope if you find yourself watching The Price is Right this coming Thursday and see Danette, you'll remember that she is a friend of Cody's and he is giving up track to party in her behalf.

Good Luck, Danette!


Marilyn said...

So, is Danette really going to be on the Price is Right? Has it already been taped? I would like to be a fly on the wall at TURN so I could watch Cody . Lol

Lynn said...

Oh, life would be so much better if he was right about those prices....

DeeAnn said...

Marilyn- Yes. Be sure to watch.

Lynn- True, so true!

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