Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Thought Provoking Afternoon

It has been 10 years since September 11, 2001 and there is a feeling of reverence in the air. I intended to write an "11 Things" post, as I have on the 11th day of each month this year, but decided against it, knowing that anything I had to say would be insignificant in comparison to commemorating the anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers.

This afternoon, I went to a special 9/11 Tribute that was part of a Documentary Film Festival. My daughter had an assignment for one of her college classes to attend,
interview students about their opinions and find out if any of them were directly affected by the attacks.

As we watched the films, 'Never Happen Here: The Whitehorse 9/11 Story' and 'Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero', I was glad that my daughter invited me to go with her. Both films were exceptionally thought provoking. 

Never Happen Here: The Whitehorse Story intrigued me the most. The film talked about Whitehorse, a remote town in Canada, and how their peace was shattered on 9/11, when a "hijacked" 747, escorted by U.S and Canadian fighter jets, was instructed to land there.

I'm sure it's because my husband works at an airport as a first responder and I am an employee at a public school, but as this town's emergency responders were called out, their schools evacuated and thousands of parents raced in panic to find their children, I felt an overwhelming sense of compassion for the people of this otherwise quiet community.

If given the opportunity, I would highly recommend that you watch both of these films.


Carolinaheartstrings said...

Thanks DeeAnn. I sure will. My daughter and I watched 102 minutes. That tears me apart.

Lizbeth said...

For whatever reason I'm not quiet there yet. I've not been able to watch much in the way of 9/11. It's hard to believe that it's been ten years, it feels like yesterday...

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