Thursday, September 15, 2011

Don't Take Advantage of My Child Because He is Blind

Cody walked into the house this afternoon, after being at his day program all day, and said, "I only had a sandwich and chips." Knowing full well what he was talking about, I unzipped his lunch box to see if the OREOS I packed for him this morning were still there. I saw nothing 
but an empty water bottle and his ice pack, so I said "Cody, what happened to the OREOS I packed for you?" and in the saddest voice, he told me, "Scott ate them." (Scott is another client at the day program.)

At this point, I was livid. Cody asks me to pack OREOS every day, but because I want him to eat as much of a variety as his autism allows, I only put OREOS in his lunch box one or two times a week. I know he really looks forward to eating them.

It makes no difference to me if the person stealing Cody's food has disabilities or not. Maybe is should, but it doesn't. It's not right to take advantage of Cody just because he can't see. The thing is, I know this was not the first time this particular client has taken food off of Cody's plate. What I wonder is where are the workers when this stuff is going on and how many other people are taking Cody's food because he can't see to defend himself? 


Deborah in Atlanta said...

I hope you go down there and knock the pea-turkey out of the folks at the school!!! Poor Cody ~ my heart breaks for him. And you're doesn't matter if the person taking his food has disabilities or not, it's just not right!

That corgi :) said...

Poor Cody! And I'm with you; where are the workers? They should be monitoring things like thism especially when it involves food to make sure no one is being taken advantage of and all are getting to eat what they should be eating!


Carolina HeartStrings said...

I'm with you on the "where are the workers?" This is their responsibility and Scott needs to be put in his place. I put my kid in his place, autistic or not, on right or wrong (to the appropriate level of their understanding, of course). But still. AND there should be a law against stealing OREOS!

Marilyn said...

That makes me so angry!!! What the h--- were the workers doing? You will never make me believe they didn't know. I would like to be a fly on the wall and see what goes on there.

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