Thursday, March 31, 2011

Excerpts from the Mouth of Cody

Every time Chase takes Cody for a ride in his truck, the following conversation takes place...
Chase- What CD do you want to listen to Fatty?
Cody- Eminem.
Chase- I don't have Eminem anymore.
Cody- Korn.

Don was singing as he helped Cody out of the bathtub. This is how Cody reacted...
Cody- Stop singing.
Don- You don't like my singing?
Cody- Nope.
Don- Don't you think I'm a good singer?
Cody- Not really.

When anybody yawns, Cody will say, "Can'tcha wait 'till nine tonight?"

When people sneeze, Cody asks, "Did you get dust up your nose, or just allergies?"

Cody was reminiscing about playing 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'...
Cody-  "Get this. Paper covers rock and scissors cut paper."
Me- Oh ya? What does rock do? Crush scissors or something?
Cody- No, no, no. Rock crushes water.

Somebody on television said, "Jennifer lost her baby."
Cody asked, " How did Jennifer's baby get lost?"

Cody- Katelyn, do you think you can plant olives in the spring time?
Katelyn (half ingnoring Cody and oblivious to the fact that an Olive Garden television commercial just came on)- Probably.
Cody- No. This is serious! Who plants olives?


carolinaheartstrings said...

Thanks for the glimpse into your Cody's world. I love it.

Lizbeth said...

Seriously, who does plant olives?!? Love it!

PS--did the beard go away? Just curious... ;)

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