Monday, March 21, 2011

How Late Is Late?

Anaheim, CA

Arriving at our hotel near Disneyland, the girls (both 19 years old) spotted Bubba Gump, a seafood restaurant. The two of them let it be known that they wanted to dine there at least once during our vacation.

On day two, as we left California Adventure Park and headed back to the motel, the girls spotted a sign on Bubba Gump that flashed "OPEN LATE". Since it was only 9:50 p.m. and we were hungry for something other than the junk we'd eaten in the parks, we thought it would be a good idea to enjoy a "real" meal before climbing into bed for the night. As the four of us walked through the open doors, the male hosts looked at us a little funny and we got the vibe that they were trying to close. We joked with them about their flashing sign and 10:00 being "LATE" for Anaheim. The hosts assured us that the restaurant was open for business and we were more than welcome to stay.

The four of us were seated right away and we could see that there were several tables filled with dining people. Our waiter was quick to ask what we wanted to drink and then he gave us a minute, literally, to look over the menu. "The kitchen will be closing in 5 minutes." he told us, half apologetically. Baffled and hungry, we hastily made our choices and gave him our orders.

Our meals were delicious, but we were rushed and the more we talked about it, the more irritated we became. That's when Jennica, Beverly's daughter, decided she would order, just to be obstinate, the Strawberry Shortcake she'd been eye-balling for dessert. 

I don't know why the hosts at the door didn't just come out and tell us the restaurant was trying to close. We would have understood and appreciated having the option to hastily feast or return another day, especially given the high price of seafood.

I won't be "liking" this restaurant on facebook. Just sayin'.

(In the near future, I will fill you in on another vacation experience/ restaurant review... Mimi's Cafe.)


Lizbeth said...

Taco Bell, that's open late and by that standard, 10:00 is NOT late! They should not have rushed you and should have been honest---shame on them.

PS--we have a Dairy Queen that says the same thing--open late. I took my daughter after dance class on Friday night and it was closed. It was 8:05pm. They closed at 8:00 on Friday!!!

carolinaheartstrings said...

10 is not late at a vacation destination. They should know that and should have told you the minute you walked in. Their bad!!!!

DeeAnn said...

That's what WE thought! California Adventure Park closes at ten and Disneyland at midnight. It made no sense to us that a restaurant, depending mostly on Disney tourists, would close up at ten o'clock.

Big Daddy Autism said...

Well? Was the Strawberry Shortcake any good?

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