Saturday, June 4, 2011

10 Most Listened to Songs on Cody's iPod Shuffle

Cody likes listening to music on his iPod. Along with having the volume up high, he enjoys pushing the little button, shuffling the tunes until he finds his favorites.

As I was recharging it for him and uploading files, I noticed the play count for each song. Cody currently has 141 songs on his iPod, but some of them are played A LOT more than others.

Take a look at Cody's top ten songs and the number of times he has listened to them:

1) Along Comes a Woman/ Chicago/ 444
2) Good Vibrations/ The Beach Boys/ 281
3) Come Together/ Aerosmith/ 198
4) Africa/ Toto/ 91
5) California Girls/ The Beach Boys/ 88
6) Don't Stop/ Fleetwood Mac/ 81
7) In You Leave/ Pretty In Pink Soundtrack/ 73
8) Vogue/ Madonna/ 64
9) Send Her My Love/ Journey/ 57

There was a four way tie for the 10th spot. Each of the following songs had 55 hits.

All I Wanna Do/ Sheryl Crow
Can't Fight This Feeling/ REO Speedwagon
Too Much Time on My Hands/ Styx
Black or White/ Michael Jackson

To each his own, right? I'm thankful the iPod earbuds don't bother him. If I had to listen to these songs along with him, my ears may be bleeding.


Marilyn said...

Oh come on know you like those songs too :)

carolinaheartstrings said...

Great muscial taste. I love some of his choices.

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