Monday, June 20, 2011

Top 10 Reasons I Decided Not to Move Out/ Guest Post by Katelyn

1. I love my mother too much. After her post, 10 Reasons I Should be Happy She Wants to Leave Home, I realized as her one and only daughter, she needs me.

2. I am very indecisive. I often want my mother’s approval and guidance on the decisions I make.

3. I am a worrier and get caught up in the “what ifs”. Basically, I worry about what to worry about.

4. Chances are, I would be at my parent’s home every day anyway. I am very attached to the comfort of my family. I like knowing they are there for me, particularly my mother.

5. Free Rent. Free Food. Free Laundry. Free Cleaning. Free Utilities. Free Internet. Free Cable.

6. Convenience of location. My parent’s home is very close to town. It only takes about ten minutes to drive to college, to work, and to my best friend’s house.

7. I don’t have enough money to move out. I pay the balance of my college tuition, above and beyond my scholarship. I pay my own car payment, auto insurance and cell phone bill. I also buy my own gas. If I had to pay for everything listed in #5, I wouldn’t have enough money to buy "girlie" essentials, such as clothing, makeup and bath toiletries.

8. I have a lenient curfew. My parents realize I am an adult. They trust me to make good choices and to come home at a decent hour. I will admit it’s kind of sad when I come home and my dad isn’t waiting up for me (even though he was usually conked out on the couch).

9. Dad helps me with car stuff. On a cold morning, my dad will get up early and start my car to defrost the windows and warm it up. If it’s late at night and my tank is ridiculously empty, I can count on my dad to risk running out of gas on his way to fuel it up, so it’s ready for me the next morning. Also, I can usually sweet talk him into washing my car and waxing out even the tiniest scratches.

10. I hope to get married within the next few years. Why not live at home, rent free, for as long as I can?


Ashlee Thornton said...

I totally agree. Why not live at home for as long as you can. I never planned on moving out once I started college, but basically had to even though I was living at "home". I always wondered why people were so eager to move out on their own, if their parents will let them stay at home. :)

Marilyn said...

Good choice Katelyn :) Love you!!

malia said...

Hello, Thanks so much for visiting me... following you back. xo malia

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