Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scrapbook/ Journaling Idea from July 2010 Archive

Here is a fun idea for a scrapbook page. Have your kids answer questions about you (individually). I did this with my children a couple of years ago. It was fun comparing their answers. As you read through these, remember that Cody is my son with special needs. (I promise, I am taller than 2 feet.)

Q What is something mom always says to you?

A Katelyn-“Be safe.”
   Casey- “Keep your nose clean.”
   Chase- “Knock it off.”
   Cody- “Time to rise and shine.”

Q What makes mom happy?

A Katelyn- “Milk Duds”
   Casey- “Pills”
   Chase- “Coke”
   Cody- “Playing Yahtzee”

Q What makes mom sad?

A Katelyn- “Her sons”
   Casey- “”Sometimes me”
   Chase- “That she doesn’t have grandkids”
   Cody- “Grandpa and Terri’s funerals”

Q How tall is mom?

A Katelyn- “5’4””
   Casey- “5’6” if that?”
   Chase- “5’1””
   Cody- “2 feet”

Q What is mom’s favorite thing to watch on T.V.?

A Katelyn- “Survivor”
   Casey- “Survivor”
   Chase- “The Office”
   Cody- “Survivor”

Q What does mom do when you’re not around?

A Katelyn- “Look on the Internet for plumbing ideas”
   Casey- “How am I supposed to know?”
   Chase- “Hell if I know.”
   Cody- “Work”

Q If mom was famous, what would it be for?

A Katelyn- “Best mother in the whole world”
   Casey- “I don’t know dude”
   Chase- “Running over a skateboard”
   Cody- “Being cute”

Q What is mom really good at?

A Katelyn- “Cooking”
   Casey- “Cooking”
   Chase- “Worrying”
   Cody- “Sewing”

Q What is mom not very good at?

A Katelyn- “Spelling”
   Casey- “Texting”
   Chase- “Playing Nintendo”
   Cody- “Cleaning up”

Q What is mom’s favorite food?

A Katelyn- “Mexican and Chinese”
   Casey- “Applebee’s”
   Chase- “Chocolate Turtles”
   Cody- “Lasagna”

Q What makes you proud of mom?

A Katelyn- “I am just like her.”
   Casey- “Everything”
   Chase- “She drives a sexy car”
   Cody- “She’s cute”

Q How are you and your mom the same?

A Katelyn- “We both have nice butts.”
   Casey- “We’re both weirdo’s.”
   Chase- “Bi-polar”
   Cody- “We both like ‘80’s music.”

Q How are you and your mom different?

A Katelyn- “I’m not sure.”
   Casey- “She has kids”
   Chase- “She gives me money when I need it”
   Cody- “I go bowling”

Q Where is mom’s favorite place to go?

A Katelyn- "Disneyland"
   Casey- “Disneyland”
   Chase- “Las Vegas”
   Cody- “Mesquite”


carolinaheartstrings said...

What a fun thing to do. Makes me wonder how well my kids would really know me.

bbsmum said...

2ft tall? Your growth was stunted by all those pills and coke :D

DeeAnn said...

bbsmum- haha. Yeah. Pills and Coca-cola will do that to ya. :) The one that baffles me is Katelyn saying I look for plumbing ideas on the internet all day. WTH?!

malia said...

this is super sweet... a treasure forever!

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