Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Cannot Survive Without Chapstick!

No kidding. When it goes on sale, I order it from my Avon Representative by the dozen. I apply chapstick multiple times a day. I apply chapstick when I wake up during the night. You can find chapstick in my car, on my night stand, and in my purse and underwear drawer :) I even buy chapstick for my kids and put it in their Christmas Stockings each year. Oh, and lest I forget, if I am out and about without my purse, I can always find chapstick in my husbands pocket!

Am I "addicted"? I don't know. Maybe. But who cares, really? Chapstick helps keep my lips moist and protects them from cracking and splitting. If anything, I certainly have softer lips. What are your thoughts on Chapstick?

1 comment:

Chase Lancaster said...

And you must have used it plenty while you were pregnant with me, I never need chapstick.. next time you put one in my Christmas stocking I will leave it somewhere in the house for you to make your day when you find it :)

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